Mechanism of Action

BMX-001, BioMimetix’s novel, proprietary metalloporphyrin (MnP) molecule is for use in oncologic conditions. There is well defined Mechanism of Action, which includes:

  • Augmentation of DNA fragmentation and double the killing of tumor cells
  • Enhanced cysteine oxidation with increased apoptosis of tumor cells Inhibition of NFkB, which reduces the tumor survival response and inhibits inflammation in normal tissues
  • Activation of Nrf-2, which turns on anti-inflammation pathways in normal tissue
  • Preferential accumulation of BMX-001 in tumor cells

The above illustration shows that in normal tissues, oxidative stress has the effect of activating NFkB resulting in the release of pro inflammatory cytokines and at the same time activating the Nrf2 pathway, stimulating the production of anti-inflammatory enzymes which will control the inflammatory response. MnPs block the NFkB activation and further stimulate the Nrf2 pathway.