Activity In Inflammatory and Neoplastic Diseases

BioMimetix JV, LLC was founded in 2013 to develop a new class of compounds for treatment of cancer and dermatologic diseases.

Phase I clinical trials have been completed in both indications.

In cancer, Phase I clinical trial results suggest that BMX-001 increases survival time by 50% and protects against side effects of radiation and chemotherapy in high-grade glioma (brain tumor) patients. Early data in a Phase I/II trial in head and neck cancer patients suggests efficacy in decreasing the incidence, delaying the onset, and limiting the severity of Severe Oral Mucositis compared to historic controls.  There is also early evidence for protection against acute and chronic xerostomia and saliva production.

BMX-001 has been granted Orphan designation for treatment of gliomas and Fast Track Designation for the HGG program.

In dermatology, Phase I clinical trial results suggest that BMX-010 is effective in clearing lesions as well as reducing itching associated with atopic dermatitis.

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