Lead Indications For Commercialization

Oncology Asset:

  • Mechanisms of action:
    • Tumor Inhibition
    • Protection of Normal Tissue by Inhibition of NF-kB & Activation of NrF2
  • Strong CMC and Safety/Toxicology Position
    • 60 month stability at Room Temperature
  • No major toxicity
    • most common AE in humans is a grade 1 injection site reaction
    • minimal SAEs
  • Intellectual property
    • Method of Use Patents submitted worldwide 2019
    • Method of Synthesis Patent submitted worldwide 2019
  • Clinical trials, Phase 2, ongoing in:
    • High Grade Glioma
    • Multiple Brain Metastasis (i.e. lung cancer, breast cancer)
    • Anal Carcinoma
    • Above clinical trials funded by NCI SBIRs and University of Nebraska

A randomized Phase II clinical trial of 160 subjects in high-grade glioma is underway.  Enrollment is over 85% complete and is projected to finish in mid-2021.

Orphan and Fast Track Designation for the treatment of glioma patients.

Pre-clinical data supports line extensions to prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.

BioMimetix is seeking an investment to fund expansion of clinical trials.


Dermatology Asset:


  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Pruritus
  • Rosacea

BioMimetix has completed a Phase 1 clinical trial in pruritus, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis which provided:

  • Establishment of a therapeutic dose with a clean safety profile.
  • Reduction/clearing of inflammatory skin lesions.
  • Rapid reduction in pruritus.
  • No significant systemic absorption.

Re-formulation is in process to optimize dermal penetration, cosmesis and stability.    Re-formulated topical ointment is undergoing stability testing and bridging safety/toxicology studies, and GMP manufacturing.  

Phase 2 clinical trials to begin Q3 2021 for atopic dermatitis and pruritus.  

A development and commercialization partner is being sought to expedite Phase 2 clinical trials and lead market entry activities.


More information is available under confidentiality terms 

For investment inquiries, please contact James Crapo, MD at contact@bmxpharma.com

BioMimetix attends BIO and JP Morgan meetings each year.

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