Advancing a platform of a novel drug class, redox-active metalloporphyrins, for the treatment of cancer patients.



BioMimetix was founded in 2013 based on breakthrough science from Duke University to advance a platform of a new drug class, redox-active metalloporphyrins, which are small enzymatic molecules and optimized for redox activity at near diffusion limited rates.

BioMimetix’s robust clinical pipeline spanning oncology and dermatology indications are supported by demonstrated clinical efficiency in ongoing clinical studies as well as extensive preclinical data in solid tumors as well as inflammatory skin diseases.

Potent Therapeutics For Serious Diseases

Increased Survival in Cancer

Inflammatory Skin Diseases


Unique dual action both enhances tumor killing and protects healthy tissue.
Platform potential for multiple cancer types.


Potential first-in-class topical treatment for atopic dermatitis and pruritus.

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