BioMimetix is developing a new class of oncology therapeutics, redox active metalloporphyrins, for the treatment of cancer patients.


The drugs are uniquely potent with activity in tumor inhibition and normal tissue protection.


We are committed to taking our products to commercialization to benefit the increased survival and quality of life of patients.

BMX-001:  Licensing Opportunity for Novel Compound with multiple line extensions.  

Potent Therapeutics For Serious Diseases

Increased Survival in Cancer

Inflammatory Skin Diseases


Increasing survival
of patients with
glioblastoma 50%.

Early indications for protection of cognition after radiation treatments.  

Protection from the severe and disabling side effects of radiation therapy, such as mucositis and xerostomia.  


Improving Quality of Life by controlling chronic inflammatory skin conditions and their disabling symptoms including itch, pain and appearance.

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